“As a company BetIt has been
People-centric from the very start”

About BetIt Group

BetIt Group was founded in 2013 by a couple of highly ambitious people with success clearly envisioned. At early stages where many companies would have taken their first trembling steps trying to find their feet, BetIt had a first class lineup with some of the best minds of the industry ready to go. People who knew each other, the business, and more importantly - who knew what they wanted to do.

As a company BetIt has been People-centric from the very start, the company was built around the knowledge and skills of humans. Not machines. Not spreadsheets. Human beings. Something we have decided to stay very true to. We work, sometimes a lot, but there is always going to be room for the family and life outside of the office. Kids and families are always welcome and when you need to pick your kid up, you go. We have chosen flexibility as one of our core tools and make sure to be a company of People, for People.

How we got here

Betit Group is the brainchild between some of the best minds of the iGaming Industry. And this is our story.

Everything that happened, in a snapshot

First we grew, really quickly

What you can see above is rapid growth, which has been fuelled by fun, hard work and all the dedication we have shown together along the way on this journey, so far. And we are still in the very beginning; the first hurdle was to get established, and show that our ideas were strong enough to make it on their own out there. As the fastest growing iGaming company to date, we now know that they are.

While we grew, we launched our first, second and third brand

Currently we have 3 brands live, and we are very proud of them. came first and paved the way - our very own flying casino. It was followed by the legend himself. Super Lenny made a proper splash when he came out through the commercials we made. You can see them here, we still play that at our company parties sometimes.

Even though as the creator you probably shouldn't pick favourites, all of us are almost embarrassingly excited about our latest flagship brand. We let out of the mist to the meet the public not long ago. This is a new way of doing casino, and we are proud to have created it. 

And then?

What the future has in store for Betit Group is yet to be seen but we have a few ideas on how to get even better at what we do.

Currently we are aiming to:

  • Double our Tech Organisation in Spain, turning the Marbella office into a creative innovation centre of Front End Development.
  • Migrate our three brands to the same frontend platform, that will give us endless opportunities and possibilities for innovation and creativity.
  • Find people who wants to join us on our mission to overthrow the old truths of iGaming. Who dare to create something truly new.
  • Establish our new HQ offices in Malta with design, culture and passion.
  • Improve, reinvent, enhance, develop and Rock our Brands to bits. 
Grow. Work. Develop. Change. Discover. Innovate. Disrupt. Laugh. Learn.