Relocation Guide - Marbella

Moving to a foreign country is one of the biggest life transitions you can ever make, while it can be challenging and fraught with paperwork, it can also be an immensely rewarding and enriching experience. Whether the move is for business purpose or not, being well prepared will make your transition much easier, and much more enjoyable. This relocating manual will help you on the road to moving to Spain and settling into life & work with Mavrix Technologies S.L.


The Company - Who are we?

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Our Office & Culture!

The Marbella Office is located right in the city centre, beside all amenities so it’s a great location for eating out, hitting the gym at lunch time or heading to the beach for relaxing walk.

Office address:   Building 21, Av. Ricardo Soriano, 5th Floor, 29602 Marbella.


We have 3 large offices and a roof terrace and employees have the opportunity to sit at a height adjustable desk, on beanbags, at a tall table or on the roof terrace while they work.

We have a dedicated area for kids as some employees bring their little ones in if there’s school/crèche breaks or just to say hello. Family and friends are welcome to pop in to visit also and are welcome to join us in our bi-weekly yoga classes and Spanish lessons.





The fridge is always stocked with soft drinks, ice-creams and Friday beers. Tea, coffee, fruit and snacks also available.

There are numerous international restaurants that are stone's throw away so you´ll never go hungry.

Overall the office and work environment is fun, creative and relaxing making us a very productive and successful company!



General information about Marbella, Spain


So your mind's made up! You’ve decided to join the thousand of people who have started a new life in Spain! Welcome to Spain and to Mavrix Technologies S.L!!

Spain has always been a popular retirement location, but in the last few years or so, there have been increasing numbers of young people, including families, relocating permanently both to coastal areas and inland. Once you actually make the decision and go from dreaming about it to thinking about the practicalities, it can get a little overwhelming. So, hopefully the information below will help you think about the important things in your new life.

Marbella, 100 kilometres square and 24 kilometres of beach, is known all over the world as one of the classiest and most beautiful holiday destinations in southern Spain. It has everything from beaches, mountains, old warm charm, cosmopolitan atmosphere and services, countryside and city, and a wonderful climate that keeps the temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in winter that the rest of Malaga province.

This unique area whose populating is just above 124,000, has grown from a quaint seaside town on the Costa del Sol into a flourishing cosmopolitan city attracting millions of tourists and residents from around the world as well as thriving international business community. The town is famous for being a playground for the super famous and super rich. But Marbella also has a down to earth side, an air of individuality which can be the best appreciated by exploring back streets in the old part of the town.


Language: Spanish
Population: 124,000
Currency: Euro
Area: 100 km2 (10 sq. mi)
Political system: Democracy
To check out the province of Andalucía & it’s major cities, visit

Registration Paperwork for Employment in Spain

shutterstock_182480630 (1).jpg

All paperwork related to your employment with Mavrix Technologies S.L will be taken care of by People Operations – you will need to provide the following to Marianna Casteels-Gidró, the friendly & helpful office manager– [email protected]:

  • NIE Certificate or Residencia card (If you have it already great - if not this needs to be in place before you start).
  • Passport copy.
  • Address of residency (Until you have found a property to rent or buy we can use the office address for registration paperwork or company apartment).
  • Bank account details (Provide bank details but these can be updated when you have a Spanish account setup).
  • Parent’s names for Social Security paperwork & NIE application.

The Spanish hold a DNI (National Identity Document/document national de Identitad) whilst foreigners have a NIE (Numero de identificacion fiscal), an ID number used for all tax purposes. The number always starts with a Letter, and is followed by seven numbers and ends with a letter (i.e. X1234567Y). Each number is individual to the person. It is needed for the following applying for employment, business permit, applying for a mortgage/loan, buy/sell a property in Spain, buy a vehicle, inheritance of assets in Spain, insurance, pay tax, and to sign on the national Social Security health plan. Furthermore, without the individual number you cannot enter into a contract for the supply of electricity, water or telephone line. Etc. along with your bank details the bills for these services are only paid via direct debit. It is also needed for insurance policies or to order goods or services.

It is not difficult to get an NIE – People Operations will help with the paperwork and attend the police station to apply with you if needed.

The following documents must be presented to the police station in order to apply for a NIE number:

Completed and signed application EX-15 and photocopy

Passport and photocopy

Application fee paid and stamped from bank (you can pay this fee at any bank – we have the forms here)

Address in Spain (as mentioned we can use the office address until you get sorted).

If you are still abroad and we need to apply for the NIE we can look at the online options also.

Other paperwork related to registration in Spain will be the social security form. Your social security number will entitle you to unemployment benefits, maternity leave, retirement and free medical care (except in private health clinics/hospitals) depending on what you’ve contributed to the system throughout your working life in Spain.

Within the first month to 3 months you will complete the residencia application, tax office registration form and Beckham Law, which will only apply to you if you fit the criteria (fixed rate of tax for 5 years – 24%). See section on tax to get more info.

Further info on this will be discussed in your first month of employment.

Healthcare in Spain & Social Security

Whenever we think of healthcare in a foreign land, we immediately think, will it be expensive and be of the same quality as what we are used to? In fact, the quality of healthcare in Spain is excellent and many doctors and nurses speak English.

The health service is run along a two-tier system similar to that in the other European Countries. There are both public hospitals (that belong to the Social Security system) and private ones.

The Spanish Social Security health care network is organized into primary care centres, called Health Centres, specialised care centres and hospitals. Spain has reciprocal health care agreements with a number of countries (including all the countries in the European Union). The citizens of these countries need to apply for a European Health Card in their home country to be able to use the public medical services in Spain. 

The National Institute of Social Security (better known to everyone as the INSS) is the body that recognises the right to Social Security Health Care. When employed by Mavrix Technologies S.L you must complete a Social Security Form that will register you in the system & on your payslip you will see the social security deductions of up to approximately 6.4% each month.

After applying for your residency card (after you receive your first payslip) you will then attend your local Town Hall to register as living in the area and then attend the local public medical centre with your social security certificate, passport and residency card, where you’ll be assigned a doctor for all future appointments. To make appointment in the Marbella Medical Centre (Centro de Salud Leganitos) you can do it here.

This can take a month before starting in the company so having the EHIC Card is beneficial if you are unfortunate to be ill. Other option is to have private healthcare in place.

If you have a family and for some reason you don’t have the EHIC Cards or Private healthcare it is possible to place your family under your Social Security. It means more paperwork and proofing you can support them plus providing translated marriage and birth certificates. It can be a timely process but it’s the option you have if you don’t have private health care or the EHIC card.

A pack will be put together / checklist to help you with getting registered in the different offices.

Order of paperwork:

  1. Complete social security form (same day as signing Spanish contract).
  2. Receive social security certificate
  3. Apply for residency card (after 1st payslip is received)
  4. Go to town hall to register
  5. Go to local public medical centre to be assigned a doctor.
  6. If applicable: complete form to add family members (marriage / birth certs translated required).

To be prepared for the above we will have all paperwork in order and in a folder so you can attend with ease.

Taxes in Spain

At Mavrix we are able to help you and get advise on tax in Spain as everyone’s situation is different – single, married, own a property and so on. We have a Legal firm who can also offer you a consultation for a fee to go through what you need to do & know.

A general overview is below:

The Spanish Tax year runs from 1st January to 31st December and Spanish residents have to pay income tax (Impuestos sobre personas fisicas) on their worldwide earnings when they complete a declaration (Declaración de la Renta) during May or June of the following year. A Spanish resident is defined as someone who spends more that 182 days in the year in Spain (whether or not they have a residence card or not).

All workers who have not been a tax resident in Spain during the last 10 years can benefit of a special tax treatment. (Beckham's Law).

They can benefit of this special tax treatment in Spain and will be able to pay taxes on a 24% on any income received in Spain rather than working of the regular Spanish tax system meaning it progressively rising above the 24% fixed as your salary increases.

This means that the employee will benefit of a special tax treatment and will be paying taxes as if they were a non-resident in Spain.

More info about Beckham's Law here

The tax agency has published a computer program called PADRE to complete the Annual declaration but guidance from our legal firm will be supplied for this.

Banks in Spain

Spain’s banking system is represented by the Bank of Spain (Banco de España), savings banks (Cajas), commercial banks (Banco) and foreign banks. In Spain, there are more than 30 banking institutions of national and regional importance. Major banks are BBVA and Santander Central Hispano (includes Banesto).

Often, banks in Spain have very limited business hours, from 08.30 to 14.00 /14.30. Some banks are open in the evening once a week or on a Saturday morning.

Banks that our employees currently use and confirm are good are Sabadell (as they have English & Swedish speaking staff) & online bank ING Direct.

The documentation required to open a banking account is the same across all financial institutions.

You need to present your identity card, working contract & utility bill / bank statement from previous address.

Locals would present their DNI (National Identity Card) or NIE whilst non-nationals would present their passports.

Before you can first open a savings or current account, you first need to decide if you want to open the account as a resident or a non-resident of Spain. The only difference between the two is that you don’t have to pay capital gains tax if you open an account as a non-resident of Spain.

To open a resident account, you will need to prove that you are a resident. For locals it suffices with their identity card as it states their local residence address while non-nationals need to present their residency card (NIE) and present it to the bank.

Click here for full details on opening a bank account in Spain.

Recommended bank: Banco Sabadell

Accommodation in Marbella & surrounding areas

Marbella may be the most famous place on the Costa del Sol but there are numerous other areas that are well worth visiting. There is a wealth of things on offer in the surrounding region with each destination offering its own individual qualities.


Marbella’s motto is a Way of Life and, certainly, this luxurious resort town seems to have it all and is, once again, rising to the fore as the favourite location with rich and famous, as well as more ordinary folk who are willing to pay just a little bit extra for southern Spain’s answer to St. Tropez.

Marbella is a big city with a variety of places to live. There are just as much urbanization as apartments block and villas. The price range for renting apartments or houses in Marbella area varies depending on the season. The prices for most apartments can rise during the summer for almost 50 %. Best time for renting apartments is after the summer (September / October).

Nueva Andalucía

Nueva Andalucía is a well thought out and attractive area just west of Marbella where, as its name suggests, the villas and apartments are based on traditional Andalusian architecture and design. The Bullring on the right marks the entrance to Nueva Andalucía, while the road climbs towards the mountain affording magnificent views of the coast. Sport enthusiasts can find plenty on offer here with tennis, paddle tennis, gymnasiums and specially Golf. All the Nueva Andalusian golf courses are surrounding by stunning scenery with a backdrop of mountains.



Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is located just west of Marbella, before you reach the small town of San Pedro de Alcantara. This is the place to be pampered yacht side and ogle those fabulous luxury yachts while sipping a drink at one of the many open-air restaurants and bars, with its impressive mountain backdrop and ocean views. The area of Puerto Banus is the more expensive part of Marbella, where you can find prices for rentals sky high.

Nightlife buzzes at Puerto Banus with your choice of alfresco bars, piano clubs and discos while during the day this is a window shoppers dream with several of the world renowned fashion houses featured here, in addition to small, interesting shops and boutiques.

San Pedro de Alcantara

A quiet and tranquil town. A 'true slice' of traditional Spain. One of the most untouched corners of the Costa del Sol and a Spanish stronghold that has successfully defended itself from the waves of property development that has washed along the coast in recent years. Whatever you may have heard about San Pedro de Alcántara, chances are that much of it, while well intentioned, will be inaccurate.


Estepona is often called the Pearl of the Costa del Sol. Although there are many beautiful towns and villages situated on the Costa del Sol, Estepona would certainly win the prize for "the real Spain" and "the most attractive town".

Estepona is a lively yet peaceful Spanish seaside town, close enough to all the "hustle and bustle" on the rest of the Costa del Sol. Thanks to Estepona´s central location, other places like Marbella, Tarifa and Seville and even Africa can easily be reached. People generally rate Estepona as the most relaxed and most charming holiday destination on the Costa del Sol. It is therefore no surprise that the people who have discovered Estepona over the last few years, feel very comfortable and in many cases decided to buy a (second) home here.


Benahavis is a lovely little village set up in the mountains 500 metres above sea level, 7km away from the coast and a 10 minute drive from Marbella. It’s reached by driving through the Rio Guadalmina gorge up into the hills, it's then best to park before you enter the village and walk in from there. The buildings are ancient, small and Spanish white, cut up by winding, narrow cobbled streets that are lined with orange trees.





For more information please try the following websites or speak to Sarah for some further advice. Fotocasa,  Nordica, &  Mibro.

Please note that May to September can be difficult to find places as its peak session for holidaymakers.

When you find your perfect place you will usually need the following to setup the rental agreement:

  • NIE Cert/Residency Card Passport
  • Reference from Mavrix/Previous landlord Spanish Bank details
  • Deposit ready for transfer

Utilities - Electricity, Internet, Water & TV


When you move to Spain, whether you rent or buy, in order to receive electric power to your home, you will need to have a contract, which will most likely be with the Electricity Company - Sevillana-Endesa.

With Sevillana-Endesa you can set up a contract on-line, by phone or by calling in to the nearest Sevillana-Endesa offices but it’s worth asking the estate agent for assistance with this.

The Website is, but the information is in Spanish.

For information by phone, call (national) 902 509 509. Here you can ask to speak to an English-speaking call assistant, who will be able to deal with your enquiry. Like all automated call centres, you are sometimes left waiting for a while before connecting to a human voice, but normally this is only a few minutes.

What do you need to get setup?

A copy of the last electricity bill pertaining the property

Passport or Spanish NIE number

If renting, then you will need to give details of the rental contract

If you have purchased a property then you will need to provide details from the title deeds

In all cases, you will have to give bank account details in order to set up payment of the bimonthly bills on Standing Order.

Water Connection

With renting property this will usually be setup already as the water bills will be in the landlords name so payment will be setup to go directly to the landlord. For further information read this

Landline, Internet & TV

The best-known telephone company in Spain, Movistar (Formerly called Telefónica), provides the majority of landline telephone connections in Andalucía. With Telefónica, phone line installation in main towns and built up areas along the highly populated coastal areas, will usually take between 10 – 14 days. The basic phone line installation costs approximately 110 euros (+ a 15 euro service charge and an added 16% IVA (VAT).

For the most straight forward setup most employees have setup with Telefonica/Movistar and their office is a 2 minutes walk from the office: Address: Av Ricardo Soriano, 36, 29601 Marbella, Malaga Phone: 952 86 57 52

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm

It’s a one-stop shop for landline, Internet, TV and mobile. To see their services, check out their website here.

Another provider new to the area is Olivenet. They’re not cheap but they provide a very good service and come recommended.

As with all running costs, remember the billing, is monthly or bi-monthly & will be presented to your bank. Once you have spent the time and effort to have the line installed, remember to top up funds in your bank account to avoid being cut off!

Mobile Network Providers

One of first things you'll want to sort out is a Spanish mobile phone number to complete necessary paperwork for the authorities, make friends, find a property and start your new Spanish life.

Spain operates on a GSM network, so your mobile phone will probably work in Spain without any problems. Coming from the another European country, you will need to check with your provider to find out if your phone is ‘locked’. To activate roaming you must contact your provider at least a week before you leave your native country to activate the service. If you arrive in Spain and discover your phone is locked, then you will not be able to activate roaming once you are out of the country of origin. Obviously beware of the costs of roaming - it's nearly always cheaper to get a local mobile phone contract / number.

These are the 4 main providers with their own network in Spain:





We can recommend Masmovil for competitive rates and ease of setting up. With most network providers you will require your NIE, Spanish Bank Account details and will be required to enter a contract of 12 or 18 months. With Masmovil you just provide your passport. NIE and bank details and you are not tied into a contract like the others.

Contract or Pre-paid?

If you are resident in Spain and have an NIE (Foreign Residency Identification Number) then you can buy a phone with a contract (contrato), which offers cheaper call rates, equaling an average saving of 30%, compared to pre-paid. The contract bill is paid monthly through your Spanish bank account by Direct Debit.

Transport – Car / Scooter Hire & Buying

Depending on where you get a property there is chances are you will need transport.

Long term car rental can work very well and provide you with a reliable car and peace of mind, although it is worth keeping in mind that during the summer months prices usually go up substantially (Low season €200 approx. per month going up to €700 from May to September). DoYouSpain is a good place to start your search - they list the cheapest options with different agencies at Malaga airport (Firefly / Record being the most cost effective).

Also, Rent A Bike offers scooter or motorbike rentals.

For a longer-term solution most people end up looking for a car to buy and it is probably more convenient to buy a car. Prices obviously depend on the type of car. Because of the recession in Spain, the prices for a second hand car have gone down. You can buy a second hand car for a fairly good price. is a good website to look for second-hand cars.

Something to definitely take note of are the road traffic laws in Spain, which have become much stricter.

Public Transport Marbella & Other means of Travel

The Portillo bus service offers visitors and locals a reliable bus service across the Costa del Sol. One of the most useful routes is the Malaga Airport - Marbella Bus station shuttle service.

Marbella - Malaga Bus Timetable

These buses run like clockwork and are naturally a much cheaper alternative to a taxi costing just €4.35 one-way. The bus travels on the toll road so it avoids much of the traffic on the slower coast road. The service departs regularly from right outside arrivals in Malaga and then from the Marbella Bus station you can easily walk into the town centre or catch a taxi in the direction of your hotel, villa or apartment.

To give you an idea of the price of a taxi onwards to Puerto Banus from the bus station you would pay approx. €9.40 during the day and after 10pm and over the weekends and holidays it costs €11.70.

Marbella Taxi Website

At the Malaga Airport end you pay for your ticket on the bus or if you are departing from Marbella you purchase your ticket at the station. The journey time is just 45 minutes and the buses are air-conditioned so even in the hot summer months it is a comfortable ride.

The nearest train station is Malaga. Trains are a convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check out this site for train station location and tickets:

RENFE Trains in Spain

Malaga airport is the main airport you will fly in & out off: It is the busiest international airport of Andalucía, accounting for 85 percent of the region non-domestic traffic. It offers a wide variety of international destinations. The airport, connected to the Costa del Sol, has a daily link with twenty cities in Spain and over one hundred cities in Europe. Airlines with a base at the airport are Helitt Líneas Aéreas, Norwegian, Ryanair and Vueling.

Málaga Airport Website

Schools in Marbella

When moving to Spain with the family you may have a whole list of things to consider; what are the schools like, what opportunities are there for children and will they settle in OK? You may find it reassuring to know that the lifestyle on offer for families in Southern Spain is second to none, and the high standard of education coupled with a stimulating cosmopolitan environment and lots of opportunity for outdoor activities can really bring out the best in children of any age. From birth until graduation, there is an impressive selection of local and international nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, with some of the best based here on the Costa del Sol.

As there are a wide range of Marbella schools to choose from, you will find that some of the best bilingual schools Spain has to offer can be found right here on the Costa del Sol. Some of these schools have been established here for many years with a solid foundation and

reputation, while other English schools Marbella has to offer are new with state-of-the-art facilities and are purpose built. Then there many schools in between that have been around for years, but have updated their facilities to keep up with the times.

The British School of Marbella is a relatively new school offering the English National Curriculum in the heart of Marbella. It is very convenient to get to if you are living in the centre of town. The school accepts children from ages 2 to 7, so is ideal for the younger set. Laude San Pedro International School is also a relatively new Marbella school, yet has already created a fine reputation and offers fantastic sport facilities and purpose built classrooms.

You also have Swans International School in Sierra Blanca, close to the centre of Marbella. Swans aims to provide a rich environment for the development of well-educated, confident and caring young people who are committed to making a significant contribution to the world in which they live, helping them to develop into considerate, principled and active members of society. The School seeks to foster a spirit of enthusiasm for learning and thereby encourage all students to become effective, life-long learners.

If you are looking for a newer school in the Estepona area, you may want to consider International School Estepona, which also has relatively new facilities and strong reviews on our site. The school caters to children 2 to 12 and follows the Montessori program and the British National Curriculum offering a balanced education for both young and old. Marbella Montessori School also offers the Montessori education alongside the British Early Years Curriculum for kids 3 months to 6 years old and is a good choice if you live closer to Marbella. 

Smaller kids may enjoy some of the smaller schools in Marbella that offer the feeling of safety and security in an environment that makes a smooth transition from home to school, such as Calpe School in San Pedro Alcantara.

There are also 2 Swedish school on the Costa del Sol, one in Marbella and one in Fuengirola, approx. 35 km from the centre of Marbella.

The Swedish school in Marbella was founded in 2003 as a school focused on multilingualism and individualized learning. They follow the Swedish school curriculum, but with Spanish and English on the schedule right from the first class. The Swedish school is located in a beautiful area between Marbella and Puerto Banus. They have a private garden with swimming pool and access to the mini-golf course and basketball court. They also run their own restaurant where it is served daily salad buffet, main course and fresh fruit.

Currently, they have 40 students and 6 teachers at the school run by parents. State grants and student fees finance operations. The Swedish School in Fuengirola is the biggest International Swedish school in the world and has smaller kids from kindergarten all the way to graduation of A-levels.

Click here for more information regarding the schools in the Marbella area.

Speak to your new work colleagues also as many of them have children in the local schools & crèches.

Things to do in Marbella & surrounding areas

Wondering what to do in Marbella? What to do on the Costa del Sol? Well, there's more to Marbella than chic bars, decedent nightclubs or the golden beaches, that's for sure! Once you tire of the markets and pretty neighbouring villages or the luxury yachts and horse-drawn carriage rides, and you ask 'what to do in Marbella?’ know that there's plenty more for you to do here. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Deep sea fishing
  • Canyoning adventure
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet Ski
  • Buggy Safari
  • Selwo Adventure Zoo
  • Private boat excursions
  • Catamaran sunset cruise
  • Golf, tennis, Paddle etc.
  • Bike Tours

And a lot more!

Click here for more information on what to do in Marbella.


Places to visit that are 1 – 3 hours drive:

  • Ronda
  • Malaga
  • Granada
  • Seville
  • Sierra Nevada (Ski session November to end of April)
  • Gibraltar (need your passport)
  • has a good guide to each city.



Important Contact Details

Emergency and Services (Free) 112 European Emergency service 061 Ambulance Service

091 National Police

092 or 952 76 26 00 Local Police 062 Civil Guard (Guardia Civil)

080/085 Fire Department (Bomberos) 010 Duty Pharmacies

900 850 5000 Forest Fires

900 202 202 Sea Rescue

902 111 444 Health Rapid Response Line

900 703 030 Social Help centre


Other Services

900 100 417 Movistar

800 760 333 Electricity Faults (Endesa)

902 250 170 Water emergencies (Aquagest)

952 83 93 29 Customer Service (Acosol)

952 76 26 00 Local Marbella Police

952 86 16 88 Red cross

608 45 14 60 Emergency Vet



951 97 66 69 Hospital Costa Del Sol

952 90 86 28 Hospital High Care Marbella

952 82 86 20 Centro Clinico Ochoa

952 77 42 00 Hospital Quiron Marbella



917 022 000 Swedish Embassy Madrid

952 604 383 Swedish Consulate Malaga 20071543 Civil Status, Passports, Visas


Other numbers of interest

952 765 741 Museum

952 823 801 Foreign Department Marbella

952 816 841 Post Office

951 898 988 Taxi

952 823 550 Tourist Office

Addresses & Google Maps to Important Places you’ll need in your first few weeks!

National Police Station - for NIE & residencia application - 18 minutes walk or taxi in 4 minutes.

Avda. Duque de Lerma 2960. Map here.

Tax office (Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria) - For registration, Beckham's law & future tax-related paperwork.

Calle Jacinto Benavente, 27 - 29601. Website. Map here.

Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Marbella) - Registration for living in the area

Avda de Antonio Belón 13, 29602 Marbella. Website. Map here.

Social Security Office - for adding family to Social Security

Plaza de Leganitos 5 Marbella - 10 minute walk from our office. Map here.

Public Medical Centre Marbella (Centro de Salud Leganitos) - To be assigned a doctor after town hall registration.

Calle Leganitos s/n, 29601 Marbella. Website. Map here.

Mobile / Internet / TV

Movistar - Avda. Ricardo Soriano 36, 29601. Map here.

Masmovil (Just mobile network) - Centro Plaza, Avda Manolete 1, 29660 Nueva Andaluía (Marbella). Website. Map here.

Other places of interest

Post Office (oficina de correos) - 2 minutes from the office - Calle Jacinto Benavente 14, 29601 Marbella. Map here.

Tourist office - Glorieta de la Fontanilla, Marbella 29601. Website. Map here.

Hospital Costa del Sol - Autovia A7, km 187, 29603 Marbella. Website. Map here.

Marbella general maps

Welcome on board!

We hope you find this relocation manual helpful. Please feel free to ask People Operations any additional questions. Your work colleagues are also a great source of information on living & working in Spain as they’ve all experienced the big move and settling into a life in España!

[email protected]